Is the class you wish to take presently full?  Why not request to be added to a "Wait List" for the desired class? 

Fill out this form completely and your request will be mailed to the SLIS office and your name will be added to the wait list for the desired course and section.  The personal information requested is your name, Flashline email address (i.e., and Kent State ID number without dashes. Important! Please do not provide your SSN!

After providing your information, choose the class you wish to be placed on the wait list for. The courses are identified in the pull-down list by CRN name.

Upon submitting this form your request will be sent to the SLIS office staff for processing.   As an opening occurs in a course, students on the wait list will be contacted in the order that they are on the waitlist.

First Name
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Kent State ID This is your Kent Provided Kent State ID number. It has the same number of digits as your SSN, but IS NOT your SSN. Ignore any dashes...
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Program of Study
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Course_to_waitlist Select the course by the CRN found in the drop-down list.